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Calc JPN Currency


New app released.It's for the practice of calculating American currency(coin and bill) for kids.App name is "Amarican Calc USA Dollar For Kids", please search!This App is for the practice of calculating Japanese currency(coin and bill) for kids.
Currency can count by moving a finger.Questions are random.Smileys will be displayed if the correct answer.Response results understandable for kids will be displayed.Button will appear large, it has become easy to press even kids.The correct answer to win badges and badge will be forfeited if an incorrect answer, it has to improve kids' motivation.
For tablets of 10 inches or larger, coins are displayed in full size.
3 modes available.
[CHOICE mode]Choice the correct amount of money.
[INPUT mode]Input number the correct amount of money.
[PAYMENT mode]Place the currency of the instructed amount of money on top of the tray.